How I can help you?
I’ll show you!

You think you can feel the difference between fresh air and polluted air just by smelling it? Think again.

It is more complicated than that. But I will do it for you! I can measure and analyze your indoor environment using state-of-the-art technology.

I will let you know about different air quality measurements, give you recommendations on how to improve air quality, and also connect with major smart home hubs and other devices (NEST) to help do that.

I let you know about the indoor air quality

I alarm you if something is out of limits

I give you recommendations for improvement

I am able to learn user behaviours and adjust accordingly

I can help you sleep better.

Yes, I can! VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, which consist of thousands of more or less severely harmful organic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene, paints, cigarette smoke, etc.), temperature and moisture changes throughout the night can cause restless sleep and health problems (for example Sleep Disordered Breathing).

Poor air quality is probably the cause why you're waking up with watery eyes, a stuffy nose and a sore throat. I know when this is happening during the night and will soon be programmed and ready to help, for example by triggering humidifiers or air purifiers.

I can improve your productivity.

Absolutely! Have you felt sluggish, experienced "brain fog", and cold or allergy-like symptoms when you actually need to be as productive as possible? A bit like you just ate an enormous holiday meal, only you feel like that every single day? Chances are that your indoor air is the issue.

CO2, temperature, and humidity all affect productivity. Performance can decrease by as much as 6-9% if these factors are out of balance. I monitor your air, warn you about issues and suggests solutions so that you can think clearly and work better.

I will help you and your family to stay healthy.

This is my main aim to do! I will analyze and let you know if something is wrong with the indoor environment around you.

Poor air quality has direct impact for the health and can cause immediate and also long term diseases and bad feelings. I also give you recommendations on how to eat and sleep to stay healthier and energized.